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Hello Stranger,

thanks for visting my first version of my personal website, first i want to tell you why I call myself
Exxxtremeslut. Maybe you will think the same after you have read what i have to say?!



Who I am
I’m an german professional worldtravelling businesswoman, with an sporty body medium blonde hair, blue-grey-green eyes, an C-cup breasts and my pubic hair is complete shaven.
But in my private life I am a very exxxtreme nymphomaniac and submissive slut, addicted to bareback fucking with total strangers.
What I want
At the moment I have a very good job which allows me to travel a lot around the world and enjoy cock and cum anywhere in the world, but the company is really conservative and at the moment I can't do what I really want....to live only for fucking, cocks and cum.
I plan to quit my job in the near future and live as a full-time bareback fuckslut for any man who wants to fuck me and fill me with his cum, anytime anywhere.
cocks refused all welcome.
Why I am what I am
I was an „early bird“ and my parents were sexually very open and I had my first penetration when I was 12 and and enjoyed it very much the first time.
From then on I was hooked and and always wanted this feeling.
By the time I was 15, I was already a well known fuckslut in my school and was available to anyone.
Later in university, anytime I needed some money I worked as a street whore.I realised then that I enjoyed having sex with total strangers and letting them cum in my cunt or ass.
Then I made my biggest mistake, I got married in my mid 20s....my husband did not share my life style and I thought „why not, this is normal“...but my need for sex with total strangers got stronger and stronger. I cheated on him at every opportunity with anyone who wanted to fuck me and cum in my cunt or ass.
My first visit to an Adult cinema
was a lovely surprise. I got fucked by so many men and went home with my cumdripping holes. My husband was totally shocked. He always knew I was a whore when we were dating but he didn't know how extreme my needs were.
Being divorced was like being born again. Since then I have been fucked by thousands of men. I lost count a very very long time ago. Now my craving is so strong I need my holes dripping with cum from several men every day.
Can you help? NO fee, NO condoms but you have to deposit your cum deep in my slutty holes.
What I am looking for
I’m availiable for any dominant men or groups of men who know how to use and abuse and a submissive bareback cumslut. NO strings, NO relationship, definitely NO CONDOMS (I NEED all the cum I can get in my whorecunt and sloppy asshole).
You can do anything you want with me, I will suck and swallow all your cum, eat your ass, you can fist me, I will kiss you and suck your tongue, drink your piss and saliva (spit). I am also into exxxtreme cumgames if thats what you want anything except pain, shit, blood and underage.
But you need to know, I prefer NOT to wash or clean my cunt or ass between men so you you can enjoy my creampies. You can use all my holes as many times as you want. I love being all wet and very sloppy.
You also need to understand that I am real fuckwhore and fucking as many men as I can and taking as much cum as I can get.




Born :

Looking : early 30's
Feeling :
late 20's
Sign :

Height :
5'7 (172 cm) 
Weight :
143lbs (65 kg)
Body Type :
Race :
Hair Color :
Medium Blonde
Hair Length :
Eye Color :
Breast Size :
34 C
Pubic Hair :

Sexual Orientation :
Role :
Very submissive
Safe Sex :

Smoking :
light smoker
Marital Status :
Have Children :
Occupation :
Business (Management)

Home :
Travel :
North Africa,
North/Middle America,
Brasil, Australia



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